Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Magnetism and Complex Text - Section 2: Do Now and Activator


The importance of play has been getting a lot of attention lately, but for many teachers play is anathema to a rigorous classroom environment. Today’s lesson provided a start contrast to a classroom that plays versus one that does not. In one class I did not have time for students to play around with magnets at the start of class, while in two others I did. Here is what spending 5 minutes letting students play with magnets bought me: engagement. The engagement level was palpably higher in the classes in which students played with magnets for a few minutes. It triggered curiosity, grounded the theoretical in the an experience that students could touch, see, and feel, and it energized students—they just seemed more happy than the class that did not play. I do not have data that the play classes learned more than the class that did not, but the observations I made today do suggest that play can certainly improve the learning environment.

  The Importance of Play
  Intrinsic Motivation: The Importance of Play
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Magnetism and Complex Text

Unit 1: Chemical and Physical Properties
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Objective: Students will develop skills to engage in complex text, and will be able to explain that magnetism is a physical property that is observable at the macroscale, but has its roots in nanoscale properties.

Big Idea: Magnetism is a physical property that can be used to study how something is made.

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Science, Chemistry, text complexity
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