Reflection: Real World Applications "Rude" by Magic - Section 4: Perspective Activity


First, I would like to thank Tina Johnson, a close friend and colleague, that I collaborate with each week for thinking beyond the classroom walls to use “Rude” to teach perspective and creating this power point to use with the students.

This activity was challenging and students needed to draw upon their critical thinking skills.   Although watching the videos were “fun”, the discussions were taking the students’ ability to think to a higher level.   As they organized their parody, they needed to put themselves in the position of another person and think outside their own “life box”.  What would another person be trying to explain to another in this situation.   It met the challenge of Common Core Writing Standards as students introduced a narrator, organized the sequence of events, and had this sequence unfold naturally and logically.

  Relating to the Students' World
  Real World Applications: Relating to the Students' World
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"Rude" by Magic

Unit 3: Writing: Part II
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write a parody to express imagined events using relevant descriptive details.

Big Idea: Write a parody from a new perspective!

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