Reflection: High Quality Task Determining Heater Ratings Experimentally - Day 2 - Section 3: Final Data Collection Time


This was the first time I had ever asked my students to check on their assumptions in this investigation.  We had assumed that the beaker would track with the water temperature, but there were natural differences and delays that could be actually measured (see temperature comparison).  

This is terrific as students are now presented with the authentic dilemma of having to reconsider their mental model of what was happening in the experiment.  The teaching challenge is to work in a somewhat unexpected conversation into the next lesson as students need time to process the new data and to incorporate that data into a new mathematical model.

  High Quality Task: Results from Confronting Assumptions
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Determining Heater Ratings Experimentally - Day 2

Unit 1: Thermodynamics
Lesson 4 of 14

Objective: Students will consider the assumptions made during the previous lesson and enhance their empirical approach.

Big Idea: Scientists confront assumptions and reconsider their approaches.

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