Reflection: Staircase of Complexity "The Road Not Taken" #2 - Section 2: Analyze


Although this lesson is quite lengthy in presenting the basic information, once students practiced a few times, it does flow easier and they understand the routine.  It provides a method for them to organize their ideas; they truly become the experts. It encourages them to strive to use their critical thinking skills.  As they write their thoughts/interpretations on paper, it provides an organizer for future reference whereby the students do not forget about some of the minor details that are worth discussion in written responses.

  Encouraging Critical Thinking
  Staircase of Complexity: Encouraging Critical Thinking
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"The Road Not Taken" #2

Unit 10: Poetry
Lesson 13 of 13

Objective: SWBAT analyze a poem using TP-CASTT.

Big Idea: An effective strategy to analyze poetry.

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roads diverged
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