Reflection: Pacing Drill 3: Everything is a Writing Opportunty - Section 3: Guided Practice


Every year I question whether I do the right thing by building in this "boot camp" unit. Over the years, I got tired of reminding students of my expectations and the "non-negotiables" in my ELA class. This has helped immensely. I also get to see my students interact in small groups, see who is up for a challenge and who shuts down, different reading abilities and so many other situations that give me plenty of anecdotal information. I feel like the moment I bring in my curriculum and start to focus on teaching those standards, I lose that moment to just watch my kids as readers. Every year my pace is different with these few lessons because my class never comes in at the same levels. This year, I feel like we've taken a bit more time to get through my lessons, but my kids have quite a few bad habits to break before I let them move on. We're working on perseverance and work avoidance specifically. I have quite a few to start off that would prefer to just sit. This gives me so much information and helps me plan out the rest of my unit and my year. 

  Introducing my expectations Vs. jumping into curriculum
  Pacing: Introducing my expectations Vs. jumping into curriculum
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Drill 3: Everything is a Writing Opportunty

Unit 1: Back-to-School Boot Camp
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Objective: SWBAT answer questions completely with specific details that are relevant to the text.

Big Idea: "Because she was tired." Does this seem like a reasonable answer to you?

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English / Language Arts, text dependent questions, written response
  40 minutes
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