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My, oh my, so many little kiddos in my class struggle forming the number 2!  If I didn't have a class of 29 with some really intensive special needs, I might try to individually coach every student who struggles with the number ''2..."  Or... not.  At least not all in one lesson!

To be able to focus on a small group and provide instruction relating a quantity to the numeral, I need to utilize a quick support for students who are frustrated forming backwards "S"s and on the brink of a "This is too hard!" comment.  Insert my magic yellow highlighter!

When students are really struggling with forming 2, I bust out my yellow highlighter to provide some quick extra tracing practice.  I try to leave 1 or 2 spaces to actually write (or attempt to write) number 2's, but this is a great scaffolding opportunity.

I use the yellow highlighter frequently at this time of the year, providing tracing opportunities in all kinds of ways--everything from names to numbers.  The best way to make up for lack of exposure is to provide lots of scaffolding and encouragement.

  The Helpful Yellow Highlighter
  The Helpful Yellow Highlighter
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Terrific Two!

Unit 7: Introducing... the Numbers!
Lesson 2 of 18

Objective: SWBAT identify, write, count, and represent the number 2.

Big Idea: When working with students with limited early academic backgrounds, it's easy to say, "Two is TOO hard to learn so early in the year!" Two is tough!!! Sometimes it can look like a backwards S, other times a Z, other times something else that DOESN'T rese

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