Reflection: Real World Applications Lab Safety Stations - Section 2: A Safety Poster


When students learn about lab safety, they are also growing their understanding of Cause and Effect, which is one of the NGSS Cross Cutting Concepts

To illustrate this, I asked a safety question to elicit a student response. 

"What might happen if your lab group had such a cluttered lab area?"

Student Response: The area you are working in needs to be open and free. If it's not cluttered, then you can easily find stuff and it efficient. If it's not, then you can loose things or get them ruined. For example, you could fall over stuff, start a fire, spill chemicals, or mix the wrong chemicals.

  Cause and Effect meets Safety in the Science Lab
  Real World Applications: Cause and Effect meets Safety in the Science Lab
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Lab Safety Stations

Unit 1: Introduction to Science
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: SWBAT collaborate with a partner to create a Science Safety Poster

Big Idea: Vote for the "Best of Show!" As students create a Safety Poster, it will help them synthesize information learned, share or publish, and present their own work. Then have them vote!

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