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In planning this lesson I am hoping that my students have become a bit more confident working with fractions since the previous lesson. I feel responsible for ridding students of those their fear of handling fractions. And, I know that sometimes we teachers are the cause of students' fear.

Our attitudes and approaches when working with fractions, as well as our patience with struggling students, plays a big role in the development of students' learned helplessness with fractions. I have learned that it definitely helps, when I show patience and understanding and help my students feel more at ease when working with fractions. If they know that they have time and that I will support them, my students are more willing to try and solve fractional equations, no matter how "ugly" they may seem.

When teaching algebraic concepts involving fractions, I keep in mind that learned "fears" almost always imply lack of understanding and/or past negative experiences with with classmates or teachers.

  Positive Reinforcement: What are you afraid of? They're just numbers.
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Variables on both sides?... No Problem

Unit 2: Solving Linear Equations
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT solve equations with variables on both sides.

Big Idea: Equations may look difficult, but once students see and know what to do, they become confident, and actually enjoy solving these.

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Math, solving equations, Algebra, Linear and Nonlinear Equations, two step equations, variables on both sides
  60 minutes
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