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Assigning roles for team work is a powerful cooperative learning technique that promotes positive interdependence and individual accountability. Defined roles give all participants in a group a clear understanding of what each individual is responsible for, while instilling the idea that the success of the team depends on each individual. The student that decides to take a passive role is quickly put to the task by the rest of the group for "not doing their job".

In this activity, students begin to understand the skills that are needed for effective collaboration. As they work together they realize that the task can only be accomplished successfully when they actively participate, communicate efficiently, stay on task and persevere. 

I don't always assign the roles I believe are needed for a task, but often will provide students with a list of possible team roles for them to choose from. Much like the list of “need to knows” developed at the beginning of a project, I let the students decide on the “needed skills”. These roles not only rotate between members during a project, but also change depending on where the students are in a project.

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Giving Effective Directions

Unit 1: Introduction to 7th Grade Science
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Objective: Students will be able to work collaboratively to develop descriptions, explanations and models using evidence.

Big Idea: Copying a model is not as easy as you think.

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