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As I state frequently, I love the combination of structure--knowing what to expect and when--and novelty.  If I can find an excuse to make something a little more FUN, I go for it!

I honestly don't know how the idea of the apple tree mats came to me, and my drawing isn't the best, but I still had fun thinking of how cute the "apples" would look on the trees.  I was also chuckling as I thought about how decomposing 5's would be the only way we could "mix" apples on trees!  It's so fun to get permission to "break rules" occasionally--even if it is only with 2-colored apple "counters" on pretend trees!

The little touches, thinking of things that kindergartners will get excited about, adds joy to learning. 

I mentioned in the introduction that I "really do need to find a new number formation poem for 5!"  Absolutely!  But I'm so glad that I put my extra time and effort into making those apple tree mats.  The Jolly old 5 poem may not be the best, but those apple tree mats were a HIT!

  Finding Excuses to Have FUN
  Finding Excuses to Have FUN
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Fantastic Five

Unit 7: Introducing... the Numbers!
Lesson 5 of 18

Objective: SWBAT identify, count, and write the number 5.

Big Idea: These activities provide lots of hands-on practice with the basics of number 5. Some activities are independent, and one activity is very teacher-directed. so students get a strong base of knowledge and fun opportunities to practice 5.

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