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I have come to love the Claim-Evidence-Reasoning chart as it really lays the groundwork for students being able to use evidence to backup their claims and explain how that evidence proves the claim to be true, which is what SP7 is all about.  This is not easy for students, especially as some students are still not clear on what constitutes evidence and how to use it to support a claim.  Even more tricky is the reasoning component.  This is where students link their evidence to a definition or scientific rule that proves their claim.  

For this task, students are specifically attempting to construct, use, and/or present an oral and written argument supported by empirical evidence and scientific reasoning to support or refute an explanation as they determine whether a taco or buttered roll is a sandwich.  While this activity might not seem super "sciency", it provides students with many of the basic components we will build up over the year in a silly and memorable activity.  From this activity students learn about operational definitions, how to identify relevant evidence, and how to connect that evidence to a larger idea to justify a claim.

  Science Practice 7: Argumentation from evidence
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Science Practice 7: Argumentation from evidence
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What is a Sandwich?

Unit 2: Introduction to Science and Engineering Practices
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Objective: SWBAT construct a working explanation of what constitutes a sandwich and support/refute arguments with reasoning.

Big Idea: Students identify what makes a sandwich a sandwich to practice argumentation based on evidence.

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Science, Science Skills, experimental evidence, experimental design, argumentation based on evidence
  45 minutes
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