Reflection: Pacing Thinking and Acting Like a Scientist - Section 5: Wrap-up


This lesson was taught 2nd week of the school year, and quickly into the lesson I could see that this group could not sit for long when sharing ideas on the chart. So I chose to cut this part short and did not have each pair share.

Also, I went through the lab book with the students whole group. Again, that was too much information for them. They would have been fine reading  the lab in their group and asking for clarification from me, when or if needed.


  Reflection on the Lesson
  Pacing: Reflection on the Lesson
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Thinking and Acting Like a Scientist

Unit 1: Our Scientific Community
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: SWBAT describe different aspects of the scientific method.

Big Idea: What's in the blue box? Through discovery students explore aspects of what a scientist does and are introduced to vocabulary of scientific inquiry.

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