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When introducing this lesson to my students I have always stated that, "Family Secrets is in essence a theatrical production with biotechnological implications!" Then, after the laughter and troubled looks have subsided, I explain that the lesson involves modeling, simulations, and a script and this is when it gets interesting. There are several other ways to present the bioethical issue of genetic testing to high school students, but nothing I have ever presented enables them to experience the issue better than becoming a character in our laboratory drama, Family Secrets. Although, I feel it is important to note that the success of this lesson greatly depends on the class culture and climate, types of students, and the experience of the teacher in using nontraditional instructional strategies! Only you know if you can sell your students on the idea of "acting" in their biotechnology class and learning wonderful content along the way! So review the lesson, perfect your pitch and, "Break a leg!!"

  Is Role Play A Right Fit For YOU and Your Students?
  Trust and Respect: Is Role Play A Right Fit For YOU and Your Students?
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Family Secrets

Unit 6: DNA and Detectives: Applications of Genetic Testing
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: The objective of this lesson is to evaluate a Genetic Testing case study of Huntington's Disease (HD) in which students describe the symptoms and inheritance patterns of HD and explore bioethical dilemmas in gene testing.

Big Idea: What would you need to know in order to agree to participate in genetic testing for a potentially fatal disease?

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Science, Biotechnology, Forensic Science, Gel electrophoresis, genetic testing, DNA Technology
  105 minutes
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