Reflection: Journaling Those Darn Squirrels!--Using the Engineering Process - Section 5: Evaluation/Review


I found that using the self-assessment was invaluable in my classroom.  I have some tougher than average behavioral issues this year, ranging from aggressive students, students diagnosed with ADHD to students who can be very disrespectful to others.  I thought I would have some issues when doing this activity which required compromise and teamwork.  However, my students displayed fantastic teamwork skills.  I think showing the children upfront what was expected and how to accomplish the expectations was the reason for the success.  I definitely will continue the use of the self-assessment.

I also found that the children who practice self-control and have good behavior all the time, occasionally rated themselves in the middle smiley-face category.  I found this interesting since I would have given them a smile face, today and everyday of the school year.  After thinking about why this is so, it seems that those children are the way that they are because they do have high-expectations for themselves and continually strive to do their best.  I think this knowledge will help move me forward to be a better teacher and set those high expectations for all.

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Those Darn Squirrels!--Using the Engineering Process

Unit 2: Introduction to the Engineering Process
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: The SWBAT work as a collaborative team to create a solution to a problem.

Big Idea: Working as a team, we can solve a problem!

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