Reflection: Station Rotation A Close Look at Science Tools - Section 2: Explore


My junior scientists enjoyed rotating around at the stations.  My rotation was off due to some students rotated before I told them to.  Therefore, I had to duplicate some of the stations to make sure that students stayed on task.  When I teach this lesson again, I will make sure that students do not rotate until they hear me ring a bell.  Some of the students wanted to work independently instead of in a group. They wanted to do the activities instead of taking turns in their groups. If I permitted all the students to complete the task, it would take too long.

  Exploring tools
  Station Rotation: Exploring tools
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A Close Look at Science Tools

Unit 1: Working like a Scientist
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT identify tools that scientists use to investigate.

Big Idea: Goggles, hand lens, and balances-what do we do with theses?

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