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The students were very excited about this experiment.  Most of the students wanted me to hot glue their cardboard box to the inside of the shoe box. This is not what I intended for the students to do. Therefore, I had to pose the students with a challenge. I told them that they had to use a shoe box lid, a shoe box, and one piece of cardboard box. They had to make sure that they created a shelf within their box and  hold a box of crayons. I also inform them that they could not use the shoe box lid to cover the shoe box.  When I posed the students with the challenge, they begin to come up with several creative ideas.  Students began to measure their cardboard and told me where to cut it and how to hot glue it.  I was impressed with my second grade students!

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  Adjustments to Practice: Posed a Challenge
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Getting Organized

Unit 1: Working like a Scientist
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT apply the design process when organizing school supplies.

Big Idea: Can you imagine your students using the engineering design process to create an organizer for school supplies?

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Science, Scientific Method (Science Skills), Investigations / Tools / Measurement, engineering design, engineering, Science Process Skills, creativity, planning
  70 minutes
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