Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Intro to Thematic Unit Day 2: Defining "True" Education - Section 3: Defining True Education


As I suspected, picking up the Socratic seminar was a practice in futility--it was obvious rather quickly that it simply wasn't going to go anywhere; yesterday was enough.  When they moved to small groups and started addressing the question of true education, it was interesting because many of them were saying "how can you define this?", so I suggested they start by thinking how Matthew B. Crawford would define it, and compare to their own ideas and experiences.  This was helpful to get them going, though it wasn't until I asked them to brainstorm words that they seemed to hit a stride.  So next time I do this I'll re-order the activities by having them brainstorm words first, then talk about why and try to supply support from their own experiences and the book.  I think this scaffolding would probably yield stronger results, and ultimately a more in-depth discussion.  Nevertheless, they did come up with a few interesting words that we can revisit in the coming weeks, some of which are in the photo here in the resources True Ed. brainstorm.JPG.

  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Students Were Stumped for a While
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Intro to Thematic Unit Day 2: Defining "True" Education

Unit 4: Thematic Unit: Education
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Objective: SWBAT collaborate with peers to brainstorm and build on each other's ideas as they try to define "true" education.

Big Idea: To study philosophical or theoretical issues, it is important to define the terms in the essential questions to provide a theoretical framework to look through.

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