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When students returned the following day they immediately started asking their "math family" groups questions about their floor-plan homework. I began circulating and found them so engaged in their conversations and in making sense of the task that I decided to take the rest of the class period to allow them to collaborate. Some students regrouped to find others that had worked on the same floor-plan. Some students stayed in their "math family" groups even though they worked on different plans. 

As I continued to circulate I was able to work with students who still needed help  as well as make their thinking visible to each other by modeling or asking them to explain their reasoning. The extra time and access to each other helped students discover and correct their own mistakes. One problem I always have when I assign homework is that not all the students do it and they miss out on valuable practice. This allowed those students to continue the learning process instead of falling behind.

I also provided additional time for students to share with the class the different methods they used, which further cemented the process of separating into regular shapes and using known values to find unknown values. 

  Rigor: Taking more time
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Floor Plan Areas (Day 1 of 2)

Unit 10: Exploring Area & Perimeter
Lesson 15 of 16

Objective: SWBAT calculate the area of composite figures.

Big Idea: Students break the irregular shape into rectangular pieces and use known length measurements to calculate unknown lengths.

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Math, Geometry, areas, perimeter (Determining Measurements), collaborative groups, area composite figure
  54 minutes
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