Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Step 2: Game Day: A Student Designed Class Game for Word Problem Solving - Section 3: Wrapping it Up


On of my concerns with this game was that we finished up by talking about the language skills we needed, (key words), the acknowledgement of having to visualize the problem before solving. We call that "turning the TV on in our heads." And I also noticed that in the one team, two girls were not as included as I had hoped. There were some dominant personalities and we needed to talk about inclusion before time was up.Discussion inclusion. To establish trust and risk taking as we solve problems in class, I think it was important for me to help bring to light to others that all should be included in the team. I would have thought that the fact that the team who chose the problem would present first would encourage teams to support one another.

  Key Word Talk
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Key Word Talk
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Step 2: Game Day: A Student Designed Class Game for Word Problem Solving

Unit 12: Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT solve mult-step and single step word problems using the four operations.

Big Idea: Students play games created in a previous lesson as a formative assessment.

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Math, Differentiation, Number Sense and Operations, Word Problem, student designed game, student leadership
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