Reflection: Lesson Planning Intro to Thematic Unit Day 2: Defining "True" Education - Section 2: Warm-up: Obamacare vs. The Affordable Health Care Act


Sometimes I use these little warm-ups as chance to try out texts and media to see how students respond.  I had seen this clip a couple days before, and today seemed like a good time because the class was already a bit disjointed due to the field trip.  As it turned out, there is a great lesson here about how to use comedy to make an argument.  Additionally, the organization and building process mirrors Ariel Levy's approach in "Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture" with the quick comedic hits building up to the pathetic absurdity of the situation (coincidentally, Levy alludes to "The Man Show" at the beginning of her piece, a show Jimmy Kimmel was the host of!).  Since I've realized the students had trouble recognizing her strategy (as you'll see in my "revisiting the rhetorical essay" lesson), this might be a fun way to emphasize development of argument with humor in the future.  The students certainly need it, because they didn't see this right away--I had to ask some leading questions about the building process to make this point.

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Intro to Thematic Unit Day 2: Defining "True" Education

Unit 4: Thematic Unit: Education
Lesson 2 of 18

Objective: SWBAT collaborate with peers to brainstorm and build on each other's ideas as they try to define "true" education.

Big Idea: To study philosophical or theoretical issues, it is important to define the terms in the essential questions to provide a theoretical framework to look through.

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