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We've known vocabulary is essential for as long as there have been teachers, yet everyone still struggles for the "best" way to teach it.  After learning and being required to implement at least half a dozen different routines over the years, I have concluded that making elaborate four squares with sentences, examples, synonyms and antonyms and so  on is, often, a waste of time.  Students do not enjoy it (learning engagement goes down), they often don't remember it, and it takes a tremendous amount of time.  Therefore, I plan my vocabulary ahead of time as much as possible and try to build in the examples, synonyms, and so on as part of the lesson itself.  I am not saying that they never write definitions and sentences.  As you can see in this lesson, they certainly do, but what I do know is that the vocabulary needs to be woven throughout the lesson, not taught in isolation.  So, I plan these sheets ahead, I do review the vocabulary needed for the lesson, especially for my ELL students, but then throughout the time I am conferring with students I'm building on either their basic, on-level, or enrichment vocabulary as we dialogue about the topic at hand.

  Integrated Vocabulary
  ELL Students: Integrated Vocabulary
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Sweltering Summer - Measuring Temperature

Unit 2: Seasonal Weather
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT discuss characteristics of summer temperatures in their location and around the United States.

Big Idea: There is a general pattern to summer temperatures in the lower 48 states but there is variation within regions.

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Science, temperature, weather, seasonal weather, start of year 3rd grade, Summer
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