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Science is based on research and facts but all ideas start somewhere, and often that spark is based on emotion.  Whether it's interest based, experiential, or just a feeling that has never been fully examined, targeted subjective questions DO have a place in early science.  It's a way to get children thinking, talking and writing about the world as they see it.  It encourages their curiosity.  It is then the role of the teacher to extend that inquisitiveness while also developing the understanding that in the world of science, actual research, measurements, conclusions and so on must be objective, quantifiable, and repeatable in order to have validity.  

  Subjective Questions in Science
  Rigor: Subjective Questions in Science
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What is Weather?

Unit 2: Seasonal Weather
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Objective: Students will discuss what they know about weather and how they think it should be measured.

Big Idea: What is weather? How do we measure it, and why?

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