Reflection: Modeling Continuing the Research Process on Elephants - Section 3: Group Work Part Two


I've included some student work samples for you here Student Work Elephant Tree Maps.docx.  You can see that I've modeled how to research, but I didn't do all the work for my students.  You can see in the first sample that this student wrote "Aja" for "Asia," wrote "svana" for "savannah," and wrote "India" with a lowercase "i."  This is all OK because this is the research portion of the unit.  We will fix all that in later lessons on editing. 

You can see throughout all the samples that my students did a fairly good job with their "cave man talk."  When they wrote about an elephant's predators they just wrote the name of the animals.  We can still improve in this area though.  The third student wrote "They drink their mother's milk for 2 years."  They could have abbreviated it a bit more to something like "mother's milk, 2 years" or something to that affect, but for a first attempt at cave man talk, they did well. You will see in later lessons that my students were easily able to take these fragments and turn them into full fledged sentences as they were writing their stories on their flow maps.  We are off to a good start and I am happy that I was able to show students how to properly take simple notes as they research.

  Modeling: This Is Guided Research
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Continuing the Research Process on Elephants

Unit 20: Expository Writing About Elephants
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify key details in informational videos and websites and use a tree map to record and organize those details.

Big Idea: In today's digital age, students can find information for their expository writing from many different sources. Today we gain information through various media sources.

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