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This Video Clip provides an overview of the six lessons that comprise our Scientific Inquiry Unit.  Each lesson was scaffolded to take the students a step further into their quest of the scientific method.  The students really enjoyed the opportunity to create their own inquiry-based research project and the presentations reflected their enthusiasm!

  Real World Applications: Video Reflection: An Overview of the Scientific Inquiry Unit
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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Time For Self Reflections (Part 6 of 6)

Unit 1: Biology Essentials - Starting Your Year Off Right!
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: SWBAT independently reflect on their own level of learning and work collaboratively to critique other groups' inquiry lab presentations.

Big Idea: Some times looking in the mirror is the hardest thing we can do. Students will reflect on their own experiences and inquiry lab reports, as well as review other classes' group projects specifically critiquing the lab procedure and data analysis.

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