Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Note-worthy Practices - Section 4: Independent Practice


I love building motivation among my student population.  Every learner does not come to me with the skills, motivation or desire to achieve academic success.  A large part of my role as a facilitator or learning is giving them opportunities to reflect on what they are doing that is either setting them up for success or failure.  I try to weekly infuse them with some type of motivational video or activity that reminds them that academic success and/or improvement is attainable.  I have found sports related videos a powerful tool for my students.  Even if they are not athletes, most  students can appreciate the effort that athletic excellence requires.  I use that base of understanding to build a bridge to academic efforts in the classroom. Sports are a great metaphor for the classroom experience and I have found that even the most reluctant learners can acknowledge the connection between the behaviors and outcomes when I discuss academics in the context of sports. I always note that success may not look the same for every learner, but that every learner can find his/her success if effort, planning, perseverance and desire to improve becomes a part of their own vision for academic success.

  Building motivation
  Intrinsic Motivation: Building motivation
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Note-worthy Practices

Unit 4: Unit 5- Biology Basics
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: Students will learn how to take notes and use them for effective study practices.

Big Idea: Studying is active, not passive.

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Science, Study Skills, notes, organization, cause and effect, obtaining, evaluating, communicating information, oganization
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