Reflection: Pacing Cornerstone: Katie's Trunk - Station Rotations - Section 4: Closure


We actually spent more like 2 minutes on the closure.  The purpose of this time is to really close out the lesson and remind students what we accomplished today.  This will help them retain what they learned.  However, you want to keep this section short so that most of the time can be spent in small groups.  Think of it more as a book end to the lesson. 

  Keep it short!
  Pacing: Keep it short!
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Cornerstone: Katie's Trunk - Station Rotations

Unit 12: Voices of the Revolution - Part II
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: SWBAT analyze narrator's point of view using books that are at their highest instructional level.

Big Idea: We've learned the skill, now its time to practice on our own!

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