Reflection: Joy Game Day - Relationships between ideas within a text - Section 3: Game Time!


Even though it is the first assessment of the last quarter of the year, scholars continue to work super hard and try their best!  I attribute this persistance and hard work to the routines and culture we established in our classroom.  Scholars own Game Day.  They run the entire lesson.  They are super excited to take tests and show what they know because they want their team to do well.  Since we track progress, scholars show up and do their best on every test, regardless of the time of year.  Also, Game Day is fun!  Scholars get to run around the room and have special snacks.  This makes the entire experience enjoyable and helps scholars to want to do well. 

  Worked super hard!
  Joy: Worked super hard!
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Game Day - Relationships between ideas within a text

Unit 11: Voices of the Revolution - Part I
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT describe relationships between important ideas, people or events on an assessment.

Big Idea: It's game time, bring it!

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