Reflection: Staircase of Complexity Wrapping Citation Work: Concluding the Search for Sources - Section 2: Searching for Sources, Students "In The Wild"


I have included four clips of conversations with students addressing issues that came up while they were working with their source cards. As can be seen in the enactment videos above, in our one-on-one conversations, we had an opportunity to address a wide variety of student questions and needs, especially clarifying the process and reasoning behind MLA style.

For the most part, the student feedback forms asked for more practice, but otherwise students felt confident locating their material and crafting source cards. One element that I would like to add with the additional practice is more practice evaluating the validity of sources. While students were exposed to finding a variety of sources, I did not ask them to formally evaluate them in a way I could assess. I feel this would be worthwhile practice. 

  Staircase of Complexity: Closer Examination: A Look at Student Feedback
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Wrapping Citation Work: Concluding the Search for Sources

Unit 4: Persuasive Writing: Research and Rhetorical Skills
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Objective: SWBAT locate, evaluate, and document their required sources in order to provide evidence for their persuasive claims, using both traditional card catalogs and on-line database resources, demonstrating understanding by completing source cards.

Big Idea: Source Cards are due today! From here, we move on to "What do I do with these books, websites, and database articles?"

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