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When I am setting up for this lesson I go to see some of the local science centers and my friends to collect some bones. I try to make the bones reflect the wildlife which can be found in the local area. This way the students can make a connection to the local wildlife.

Because the bones are borrowed I make a point to introduce them during the lesson. I do this for two reasons.

  1. The students get ideas for the engineering station, and
  2. The students understand how they are to be careful with the bones, or the bones will be removed from the science center. 

Once the students understand that they must be gentle with the bones or the bones will be removed, they are very good with them. The students are very curious about the bones and are fascinated with the fact they are touching something that was once alive and is now dead. I explain how many of these bones came from animals that were killed by cars. The bones were picked clean by scavengers and then bleached by the people who found them. 

Environment for Learning - rules and consequences

  Rules and Consequences: Classroom Management
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Got Bones?

Unit 1: Me, Myself and I
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Objective: Students will be able to obtain, evaluate and communicate information which describes what a skeleton is and its major function.

Big Idea: Students get familiar with the human skeleton by labeling major bones.

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