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In today's lesson I make it very clear to the students that they are just observing the worms today. At the work station I make sure to look for students who are following the direction that was given and praising them when they follow through. Students who touch the worms (in this lesson I only had one) are told to used the worm books as a resource tool instead of observing the worms themselves.

In later lessons I allow the students to touch and handle the worms, but for today's lesson I merely want them observing. I do this because I have not gone over animal safe handling such as washing our hands after touching animals, being gentle so as not to harm the animals, respecting the animal as a living being, etc.

Environment of Learning - rules and consequences


  Rules and Consequences: Classroom Management
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The Back is Where it’s At!

Unit 1: Me, Myself and I
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to use observations to describe the major difference between a vertebrate and an invertebrate.

Big Idea: Comparing ourselves to a worm helps students understand what it means to be a vertebrate.

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