Reflection: Rigor Summer Storms - Precipitation - Section 2: What Do You Know About Precipitation? (science writing prompt)


Within this writing task, I keep an eye on students and provide individual differentiation based on both conceptual understanding and current writing ability.  For students needing further enrichment, I encourage specificity with the question of, "Why is it important to know when it's going to rain?" while with struggling students I might have them focus more on questions such as, "How do you know it's going to rain?  How do our rainy days look and feel different than a regular day?"  (For us, rain is not a regular day!)  Of course, you will modify the phrasing of these questions to fit with your local weather, but the idea of differentiating the questions and the gist of the questions will remain the same!

Even if their writing level is lower, as may be the case with my students who are still working through the process of existing in a dual-language world, I keep the level or oral questions high so that they are all being challenged at a high level of cognitive rigor even though some of them may be writing more straightforward and simple sentences in their journal.  

  Differentiation within a Journal Prompt
  Rigor: Differentiation within a Journal Prompt
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Summer Storms - Precipitation

Unit 2: Seasonal Weather
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: Students will examine prior knowledge about precipitation, ask meaningful questions, and develop a model for collecting data.

Big Idea: Students will practice asking specific, thoughtful questions related to scientific content and will begin to develop an understanding of questions that can't yet be answered due to insufficient data.

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Science, rain, weather, seasonal weather, precipitaion
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