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Our school is in a transition from now cell phones allowed to Bring your own tech.  Currently, we allow students to use phones in class at the teacher's discretion.  We have a stop light sign in the front of the room to display to students if they should have their phones ready to use.  If the marker is on red that phones should be away and out of sight.  If the marker is on yellow they should be out but off.  If they are on red, they should be out and on.  

This is the type of assignment where I would let students get their phones out to listen to music.  In my experience, this use of phones is a great way to get them to focus on their work rather than each other.  

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  Routines and Procedures: Phone use
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Systems Prior Knowledge Wrap up

Unit 2: Life is Organized: Systems & Characteristics of Life
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Objective: Students will be able to show understanding of basic information about systems.

Big Idea: Show me the money!

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