Reflection: Data Analysis Systems Prior Knowledge Wrap up - Section 4: Assessment


This was an interesting section to assess because I was not assessing whether students had learned grade level material, but if they were ready to learn grade level material.  At the beginning of the unit the average was a 64%.  By the end of the unit the average was an 80%.  To me this means that the students are now ready to learn.  However this is not true of all of them.  A careful examination of the data shows a large chunk of students at 100% another group of students in the middle and a few students under 50%.  I am very concerned about these lower students because they are scoring well below level at 5th grade material in a 7th grade class.  I am going to surface these students in data conversations next week.  

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  Data Analysis: Data Analysis - Next Steps
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Systems Prior Knowledge Wrap up

Unit 2: Life is Organized: Systems & Characteristics of Life
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Objective: Students will be able to show understanding of basic information about systems.

Big Idea: Show me the money!

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