Reflection: Standards Alignment Critical Thinking with "Setting up Tuskegee" and Patterns of Organization - Section 2: Identifying the Organization of Students' Paragraphs


RI.7.5 asks students to "analyze the structure an author uses to organize a text" and  W.7.2 asks students to "organize ideas, concepts, and information using strategies such as definition, classification, comparison/contrast, and cause/effect".  There are certainly other types of organization that I'll have to teach.  For those, and reviewing the organizational patterns they've already learned, I plan on finding more authentic paragraphs.  Not paragraphs that were written for a textbook, but passages that were written for authentic purposes and audiences.

In addition, I'll start asking students to consider a focus on their weekly reading logs.  So far, they've been free to write about whatever they want in regard to their reading.  I'll start asking them to identify and analyze the organizational pattern an author uses, the figurative language an author uses, the vocabulary an author uses, and so forth.



  Aren't There More Patterns of Organization?
  Standards Alignment: Aren't There More Patterns of Organization?
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Critical Thinking with "Setting up Tuskegee" and Patterns of Organization

Unit 3: Analyzing Literature and Writing Business Letters with Langston Hughes’ Thank You, M’am”
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Objective: Students will be able to develop critical thinking skills by reading a passage about Tuskegee University's origins, answering six critical thinking questions, citing evidence for their answers, and discuss their answers with a small group.

Big Idea: Develop critical thinking skills through independent reading and authentic student discourse through six powerful types of questions.

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