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My first day of teaching this year was a lonely and humbling experience. Gone were all of the things I had come to cherish about my classroom from the previous year. There was no accountable talk, there was no perceptible joy. Students were not wrestling with ideas or struggling to grow their understanding or skill set. In retrospect, for some weird reason this year I expected that somehow the walls of my classroom would have retained the learning culture from the previous year. But they did not. Indeed, it struck me how temporal is one year to the next. Each year, the learning culture of a classroom must start anew. Students must learn who their teacher is, and the teacher must learn who his or her students are. The learning culture on  Day 1, with its procedures, sleepy and shy students, unknown names, and utter lack of momentum, was but a seedling of stored memories of previous years. Day 2, however, was when my students and I began to learn about one another. Building things, playing, measuring, debating--these are activities that transcend boundaries and allow all of us--teachers and students alike--to connect, to begin the process of relationship building. I might fiugure out how to incoirporate these things into Day 1 next year, but for now I am glad that my classroom is beginning to awaken after its summer dormancy.

  Breaking the Ice
  Classroom Setup: Breaking the Ice
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Precision vs. Accuracy

Unit 1: Chemical and Physical Properties
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Objective: Students will be able to differentiate between precision and accuracy and explain how the terms relate to chemistry class.

Big Idea: Precision describes the repeatability of measurements, while accuracy refers to how closely the measurement mirrors the actual value that is being measured.

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