Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Number Tricks, Patterns, and How to Succeed in This Class - Section 1: Opener: Who's Who at Your New Table?


As I noted in a reflection yesterday, I'm an endless tweaker of my algebra lessons.  Last year, I asked kids to find different seats on the second day of class.  This year, it feels more right to keep them in the same seats and to give them a patterns problem for their opener.  I could make a fine argument for either choice, and maybe I'll change my mind again next year.  The key is that, in my opinion, it's just not a big deal to make little changes like that and to see how things go.  

Rather than showing kids implicitly that seating will be fluid in this class, I chose to just tell them that today.  "These seats are not permanent," I say, "and I'm rarely going to tell you have to sit somewhere.  But I'd like you to stay in the same seats just for the first few days, while I make sure that I've got your names down."  Then I explain that on most days, kids will be allowed to sit wherever they'd like, but also that, over the course of the year, I want everyone to have a chance to work with everyone else.  Sometimes, I'll provide a temporary seating arrangement - for the length of a project, for example - as a way of getting kids to work with different groups.

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Number Tricks, Patterns, and How to Succeed in This Class

Unit 1: Number Tricks, Patterns, and Abstractions
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Objective: SWBAT understand the mastery-based grading system that is employed in this class, hear more about my expectations, and try their first number trick.

Big Idea: Everything is formative! Long before I collect my first student work, I give myself all sorts of opportunities to learn about my students and their habits of scholarship.

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