Reflection: Lesson Planning Analyzing How Persuasive Appeals Advance Argument In Mary Fisher's, "A Whisper Of Aids" - Section 3: Student Work Time


When planning today's lesson, I knew that I wanted the students to work together, but I also wanted to create a lesson that would truly be a cooperative experience.  I did that with this lesson.  Because there were so many different components to the lesson, each group member had a job and it was impossible for a student to not be involved.  One student, on her way out the door, told me it was her favorite lesson so far because, "we got to talk with our friends and work."  Cooperative learning is often loud and chaotic, but today it worked like a charm.  

  Cooperative Learning Rules!
  Lesson Planning: Cooperative Learning Rules!
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Analyzing How Persuasive Appeals Advance Argument In Mary Fisher's, "A Whisper Of Aids"

Unit 5: Rule Makers And Rule Breakers
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify an author's argument and analyze how the author uses rhetorical appeals to advance that argument by deconstructing Mary Fisher's "A Whisper of Aids."

Big Idea: Arguments can't be one dimensional.

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