Reflection: Learning Communities Systems Prior Knowledge Part 1 - Section 6: Vocabulary Introduction


I was really excited about the progress the students made from our first try with the vocabulary protocol to the second try.  By the second time, students are truly coming together as a learning community and have different outcomes than they would have on their own.  The sentence stem given to support their thinking, "This makes me think that..." is still helping the students know what to say, but I'm wondering if in another couple of tries the sentence stem will be getting in the way. I think in about a month it will be time to release them from the stem.  I haven't yet seen any but my top students deciding to write their own definitions, but I think that will be a moment when I will know for sure that the protocol is working to add rigor and cognition to the vocabulary process.  

Today, I saw a brand new teacher using this protocol and realized again the power of management and structure in learning.  This is not a protocol that can be used in classes where management is still an issue, unless the teacher really focuses on immediate feedback to students and tight pacing.  

  Progress monitoring of this structure
  Learning Communities: Progress monitoring of this structure
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Systems Prior Knowledge Part 1

Unit 2: Life is Organized: Systems & Characteristics of Life
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to remember past learning about body systems.

Big Idea: Remembering what was lost.

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