Reflection: Flexibility First Day in a Cooperative Physics Classroom - Section 4: Looks Like, Sounds Like Charts


Today went pretty smoothly in all of the classes. I was able to cover everything but I spent more time on the Looks Like, Sounds Like charts after gauging that the students needed more time to work in groups to compare their lists I gave more time for that. Additionally, the commonality chart took shorter than I planned because they were able to find commonality between the groups members quickly so I was still able to get through all of the activities.

  It's all about the timing
  Flexibility: It's all about the timing
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First Day in a Cooperative Physics Classroom

Unit 1: Introduction to Physics and Graphing
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to understand expectations for this year's physics classroom.

Big Idea: Students meet Physics 1. Physics 1 meet new students.

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respect looks like sounds like
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