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In my classroom I use Pre-Assessments to determine the needs of each of my students. During today's lesson, I am looking for ways to tailor my lessons to meet unique needs. I do not want to bore my students by reviewing concepts that they know well, but I am also careful to plan lessons that do not intimidate my students. I use Pre-Assessment to categorize my students into groups for the unit:

  1. Does not demonstrate prior knowledge of Standards
  2. Some prior knowledge intermixed with misconceptions or gaps
  3. On target for learning the content of this unit
  4. Demonstrates fluency with some or all of the Standards in this unit

By placing my students into categories like these, I am better able to differentiate my instruction.

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Unit 1 Pre-Assessment

Unit 1: Number Sense
Lesson 1 of 19

Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate what they already know about the content of Unit 1.

Big Idea: In my school, setting the curriculum requires me to measure where to place the starting line.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, order of operations, problem solving, arithmetic properties, grade 6, factors and multiples
  70 minutes
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