Reflection: Checks for Understanding Let's "Mine" The Textbook - Section 1: Bell Ringer: Why Does a Textbook Have a Glossary?


Students will tell you, just ask them! Today, students provided thoughtful answers to a Bell Ringer Question. A Bell Ringer (an instructional strategy) is a short exercise or journal prompt that focuses on academic content. It get students thinking about the lesson. I know it is a successful strategy to implement in the classroom based on student responses.

Some students responded and said:

  • We have  a glossary in the textbook because it is easy to find the word we are looking for. It also tells us how to spell and define the word.
  • A glossary is like a mini-dictionary.
  • A textbook has a glossary so you can find meanings of science related words. It's more convenient and easier than looking in a dictionary.

  What Did Students Say?
  Checks for Understanding: What Did Students Say?
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Let's "Mine" The Textbook

Unit 1: Introduction to Science
Lesson 1 of 12

Objective: SWBAT navigate text features to investigate the format of the science textbook.

Big Idea: Explore and "mine" the textbook to understand where to find the table of contents, glossary, index, and other text features.

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Science, Science Skills, Scientific Method (Science Skills), text features, cause and effect, Cross Cutting Concepts
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