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BrainPOP is a paid video service that is cartoon based.  Our district purchased it with Special Education grant funding a few years back.  It stars Tim and Moby the robot, who only communicates in beeps.  Tim rephrases what Moby beeps, to allow students to understand the interactions.

It is often a fun, corny way to preview or review materials.  In this case, my students may have extremely different understandings about the wave model of light, and since it is important in understanding our main concept of the day, this provides a fast preview for the students.  When we take the spectroscopes and view the fluorescent white classroom lights, students are expecting to see a rainbow, and are often surprised that it is in distinct lines instead of a full rainbow.

This combination- the video and the discrepant event, piques student interest and gets them willing to work alone in examining the spectral tubes in the back of the room.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: BrainPOP
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Electron Fireworks

Unit 1: Atomic Structure
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT interpret flame tests as evidence of the Bohr Model of the Atom

Big Idea: Connecting energy and matter at the microscale from macroscale observations.

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