Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Prefixes: dis-, mis- - Section 2: Independent Practice


This lesson activity was very engaging for my kinesthetic learners. My high-energy students were more focused. Better focus equates to increased learning of lesson concepts. The organizers were also used a review and reference tool. Students were able to refer to them if they were unable to recall the meaning of a prefix. The sentences and drawings for the prefixes helped cement the meanings for students. Better still, it reduced the number of worksheets for me to copy and students to complete in favor or a more interactive learning experience.

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  Diverse Entry Points: Student Engagement
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Prefixes: dis-, mis-

Unit 5: Affixes
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use prefixes, dis- and mis-, to decipher and change the meaning of words.

Big Idea: Students learn the meaning of prefixes and how they change the meaning of base words.

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English / Language Arts, suffix, affix, prefixes
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