Reflection: Trust and Respect Safety Skits - Section 5: Skit Writing


One of the issues I was grappling with designing my lessons to share for unit 1 is that I had not yet met and assessed my students. I was concerned that I would be heavily overplanning, or designing activities that were inappropriate for my students.

While I have done safety skits in about 6 of my 10 years of teaching, this year was the worst.  I saw it coming when I assigned the skit writing.  I happen to have the most shy group of students I've ever taught in my chemistry courses this year.  Indeed, they are so afraid of getting wrong answers they are hedging their efforts even in group work.

An alternative assignment to the safety skits is to have students create safety posters and do a gallery walk.  This can be accomplished in the same time period, and provides a level of safety in anonymity that students may prefer.  In attempting to create a classroom culture of trust and respect, it is important to meet students where they are.

On the positive side, students were very supportive of each others' skits, clapping and paying close attention.  The few strongly outgoing students got an early chance to shine, and some of them are taking a lead in classroom discussions going forward.

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  Trust and Respect: Comfort With Discomfort
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Safety Skits

Unit 1: Atomic Structure
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Objective: SWBAT visualize and act out proper lab safety for classmates.

Big Idea: Only YOU can prevent lab accidents!

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