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Another way to make learning vocabulary more fun, and thus, more engaging, is to make a game of it. Playing Charades or Pictionary are both games that require little upfront preparation and can be used to review vocabulary words. Celebrity is a similar game to Charades and Pictionary that includes multiple rounds of play where students verbally describe and act out words following the Celebrity Instructions.  Playing Bingo with cards using the vocabulary words is another way to make learning vocabulary more engaging. With Bingo, create a powerpoint with definitions, examples or diagrams that represent the words. Students may choose any word on their card that might be represented by the information presented on the slide as long as they can defend their answers when they get a "Bingo". Another great game is Balderdash. It can be played with a large group of students placed in teams following the Balderdash Instructions. Difficult words are presented and each team must come up with the most believable (or correct) definition. This game is perfect for introducing new challenging vocabulary.

  Joy: Learning Vocabulary as Play - Make a Game of It
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Learn-a-Word: Science Vocabulary Acquisition

Unit 1: Communicating Scientifically
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use multiple sources to learn and teach other students the meaning of a science vocabulary word.

Big Idea: Science vocabulary is hard to learn! Students collaborate to create meaningful and useful resources to learn and retain science vocabulary.

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