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Within this lesson, I had students review the goals they set at the beginning of the semester and compare them to the actions students actively took during the first marking period. This lesson is to help students visualize the benefits from taking ownership over their learning outcomes. I believe that students who help to design their learning outcomes and are more engaged in their learning will show larger growth over the course of their physics instruction. With this in mind, I continue to have students check-in each week using our digital grade book during advisory to check on their progress toward their self-selected goals.

Many students say that the goals check in sheet is helpful for leading their parents through the current semester of physics and their goals for the class. Other students ask for more ways to improve their current proficiency because they are not able to meet after school or at lunch because of their current enrollment in afternoon school. To this end, this goals check-in sheet and the subsequent class conversations are the driving force behind my lunch bunch. My lunch bunch are a rotating set of 2-4 students who meet me at lunch to learn a topic before their peers who take on the role of "student-as-teacher" during the following week. Each member of the lunch bunch takes responsibility for learning a particular skill and teaching it to at least 4 other members of their class. The lunch bunch is a student-driven solution to helping students share authority over the development of our learning community. 

  Goal Setting
  Goal Setting
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Student Led Conferences

Unit 1: Building Your Base
Lesson 12 of 12

Objective: Students will identify areas of physics content proficiency and areas of growth as background information for upcoming student-parent-teacher conferences.

Big Idea: Student-driven goals lead to engaged students who share authority over their learning outcomes in physics.

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Science, Physical Science, physics, goal setting, distance, displacement, Archimedes' Principle
  45 minutes
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