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Within my lessons I always like to make sure that I have enough activities to keep my students engaged throughout the class.  Sometimes I run out of time so am not able to complete all of the activities and must choose which parts to skip over.

In this particular lesson I was not able to have students perform the density of a rock activity or example #4 in the elaborate section.  I chose to skip the rock activity because students performed a very similar example in the lab within the next lesson: Unit 1 lesson 9.  I also skipped over the last question of the example so that I would have enough time to really go over the first three examples in detail with students to prepare them for working on examples on their own. 

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Unit 1: Unit 1: Working as a chemist
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to explain the concept of density and solve density word problems by watching a demo, taking notes, doing practice problems, and performing a lab.

Big Idea: Substances will float or sink relative to each other depending on their density. Density can be calculated using mass and volume.

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Science, Chemistry, Scientific Method (Science Skills), dimensional analysis, culture
  95 minutes
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