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You tube is a great resource to use in the classroom; however, with the firewall and internet issues it is important to be flexible. 

For this lesson I used the Siberia you tube video which worked in my classroom before the lesson, but then the firewall did not let me access it during the lesson. 

The first day (two of my block classes) I switched to a demonstration where I boiled water on a hot plate and had students answer the questions seeing that water is turning to water vapor, that the water molecules were gaining kinetic energy, moving further apart, and having weaker intermolecular forces which is a physical change. 

For the second day I was able to access educational you tube (which did not like the Siberia video) but it did let me access another similar video from Wisconsin which I showed to students and they were able to answer the questions.

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  Lesson Planning: You Tube in the classroom
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Unit 2: Unit 2: Matter, Atoms, and the Periodic Table
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Objective: Students will be able to identify the four major states of matter, classify matter, and compare chemical versus physical changes as evidenced by taking notes, making a foldable, filling in a concept map, and watching a demo.

Big Idea: Matter can be classified and changes forms both chemically and physically.

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