Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Viruses, Part 3 - To Vaccinate or Not Vaccinate? That is the question. - Section 4: Case Study


I explain that they will be given a short time to discuss the initial information before I give them additional information to read and discuss the questions.  I find that many students’ perception of how much time they have to complete an assignment is overstated in their minds and these same students will struggle to complete assignments within the time allotted.  Providing them pieces of information instead of giving it all to them at once helps them manage their time and process the reading and questions in an efficient manner.

  Timing assignments
  Student Led Inquiry: Timing assignments
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Viruses, Part 3 - To Vaccinate or Not Vaccinate? That is the question.

Unit 1: Unit 1- Organization and Relationships
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Objective: Students will be able to consider the public health benefits of vaccination and decide whether or not the needs of the individual supersede the needs of the population.

Big Idea: It’s not always clear if the benefits of the public’s health and safety outweigh individual rights.

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