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I have taught this lesson many times over the years; however this is the first time I taught it through the Common Core lens.  This was the first time that I incorporated the collaborative activity in a lesson to make it more interactive.  I noted in my personal reflections that it was difficult for some of my students to cut the responses on the activity sheet.  The next time I teach this lesson I will enlarge the areas to be cut or cut them myself ahead of time because some of my students' fine motor skills have not developed enough to cut small pieces. 

  Cut the words ahead of time!
  Routines and Procedures: Cut the words ahead of time!
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Introduction: Reading the Emotion

Unit 11: Monitor and Clarify the Word Choice
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify opposite feeling words from a literary text which suggest feelings or appeal to the senses.

Big Idea: Start examining opposite words which the author uses to transmit a characters emotional state to the reader.

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